Using ICE in Your Contacts List in Case of a Red Oak Car Accident

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It’s scary when a car accident happens on the streets of Red Oak, no matter how minor. One of the biggest problems for emergency workers is being able to find the next-of-kin or other family members of the victims when an accident has occurred. Frequently, the contacts are in the victim’s cell phone, but the first responders have no way of knowing who the parent, legal guardian or spouse is in the contacts list. A new trend is fixing that. It’s called ICE – In Case of Emergency. Here’s how it works:

Before the name in your contact list that you would want notified in case of an emergency, simply type “ICE.” As first responders scroll through the cell phone contacts, this will catch their eye and let them know that particular contact is an emergency contact. Let’s say it’s your mom. The contact would have your mom’s name but right before her name would appear the letters I-C-E, which stands for “In Case of Emergency.”

The concept was thought of by a British paramedic back in 2005 and has caught on in many countries around the world. The more we spread the word, the easier it will be on our first responders to save precious time by contacting the right person in the event of an accident.

So often, police and paramedics search for wallets or a purse to try and find the appropriate person to call when an accident happens on the streets of Red Oak, but even if a person has not carried a purse with them, they almost ALWAYS have their cell phone. Using the ICE contact will surely save a lot of time so these first responders can focus on giving the help needed to the victims! You can also put ICE in your contacts under “I,” and then list the emergency contact after. This way you have the contact with ICE before their name, and you have an actual contact under ICE with a list of possible names and numbers.

ICE is a free way to have emergency contacts easily available to the more than 275 million cell phone users in the United States alone! There are databases that also can link worldwide, but are costly and not always up to date. Using ICE is a great way to solve this problem.

Help spread the word to your friends and family in Red Oak about ICE! Castrol Express Car Service is dedicated to keeping the streets of Dallas and the DFW Metroplex as safe as possible and this is one way we can do it.

For more information on safety and emergency management, call us or stop by today!

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