Understanding How Your Windshield Wipers Work

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Windshield Wipers

If you’ve ever driven and suddenly been hit with a wall of water while driving in Red Oak or the Dallas Area, you already know how scary it can be. Especially if your windshield wipers aren’t working at their peak performance, or even worse, aren’t working at all. Seems like it’s always at the worst times that we need them to be their best. We don’t think about them so often, but the overall safety of you and your loved ones while driving is highly dependent on your windshield wipers. Serious accidents happen as a result of not being able to see clearly in rain, snow and other wet conditions.

The Basic Windshield Wiper Parts

Wipers are designed with three main components: the motor, the arm and the blade itself. The rubber blade is what touches the glass to clean it when you turn them on. It wipes away any water, snow, mud or other debris.

The arm of the wiper is the long part of the whole device that the windshield wiper blade is attached to. The wiper motor controls it and allows you to set the regulation and speed of your wipers. Certainly, the biggest problem when it comes to windshield wipers is the motor itself, since you can’t get them to work well or perhaps not work at all, when the motor isn’t functioning properly.

Why Do Windshield Wipers Fail?

Here are a few reasons your windshield wipers may fail to work:

  • They may be poorly made or defective. Windshield wipers are one of those products where you get what you pay for. Cheap wiper blades will tend to scrape the glass rather than clean it.
  • The blades have become warped or damaged.
  • The arm of the wiper becomes rusted out or brittle, causing it to break when turned on.
  • Short-circuiting motor
  • A motor that has become corroded and can no longer make the wipes move
  • Defective wipers from the manufacturer.

Defective auto parts of any kind are highly dangerous to the drivers on Red Oak roads! Windshield wipers are no different. It’s imperative that you buy only high-quality windshield wipers from trusted sources. At Castrol Express Car Service, we will help you pick the perfect windshield wipers for your vehicle every time!

It might not seem like a big deal, but trust us—windshield wipers can be a very big deal when it comes to your safety. Far too many serious accidents are caused every year by windshield wipers that are not defective, but rather, just neglected. Be sure that you make changing your windshield wipers a regular part of your car maintenance and let our friendly crew help you. We’re always happy to help you choose the right product, and we will ALWAYS put them on for you free of charge!

Come by Castrol Express 75154, today and see how easy and inexpensive it really is to have perfectly functioning windshield wipers.

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