Transmission Repair Before Your Weekend Getaway

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Transmission Safety

Before heading out on your weekend getaway, it's always a good idea to inspect and perform transmission repair.

If you’re like most of us, you have weekend plans for some good fun around Red Oak, TX. Maybe your thing is going to the lake with the boat for some fishing. That’s certainly on my list of favorites! Well, after you get cold drinks and some good food to take along, make sure your vehicle is all clean and full of fuel, you may not stop to think about vehicle maintenance. Where does that fit in? If you are towing a boat around Ellis County, you’ll want to make sure you bring your towing vehicle in to Castrol Express Car Service before your getaway so you don’t run into problems. Between hills, dirt roads, rough terrain and towing around a couple of tons of extra weight, this is not a step you should skip!

All of that added weight can put unusual wear and tear on your brakes, engine and even your transmission. Your transmission spends more time in the lower gears when pulling extra weight, so that makes it work harder. This will also mean the temperature inside the transmission will be a good bit higher than it normally is. Your little getaway means a big workload for your transmission!

A Few Tips About Transmission Safety Before You Go

  • Make sure you have plenty of transmission fluid. This is crucial because it will be running hot anyway due to towing a boat. It needs the extra lubrication and protection to deal with the added strain.
  • Let the experts at Castrol Express Car Service do a complete transmission inspection. Old transmission fluid gets very dirty and should be replaced or it can clog up the tiny passageways that all that fluid needs to flow through. When this happens, you’re in trouble. Let us keep it clean.
  • Check your service schedule. You should be following a regular schedule for full-service inspections. Trust us when we tell you that this is MUCH better than paying for a new transmission!

It’s no secret here in Red Oak and the DFW Metroplex that most of us like to live like cowboys and do a lot of hauling and pulling big loads. Even if you drive short distances that are not at highway speed, or you drive through extreme temperatures, this constitutes severe driving and you should follow your service recommendations for severe driving inspections. Castrol Express Car Service can check everything under your hood and perform preventive maintenance before your next trip and make sure you get there with no problems!

Call or come by today—and bring us some fish you caught!

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