Why Your Transmission Needs Preventive Maintenance from Castrol Express Car Service

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Most of us drive every day and don’t really have any idea how our transmission works, other than the fact that we know we have to have it in order for our car to work. Transmissions can be compared to riding a bike. You start out in a lower gear and shift up to higher gears as you gain speed.

An automatic transmission does the thinking for you. Rather than needing to downshift yourself, it senses when the gear needs to change and adjusts it automatically. If you go fast once you’ve leveled out on open Red Oak and Ellis County roads, the automatic transmission puts the car in the right gear for that speed. If you go over hills or other areas that require a bit more work from the engine, your automatic transmission instantly shifts down. Automatic transmissions have gotten pretty fancy over the last couple of decades. You don’t even have to think about the gears now, and can barely notice when they change. Most cars have four or five speeds. Either one is standard now in the majority of vehicles in the DFW Metroplex.

Here at Castrol Express Car Service, it’s not uncommon for us to perform preventive maintenance on vehicles that have up to eight speeds! It can be more complicated for sure, but our technicians are among the best.

Even though modern engineering has made transmissions very durable, they still need to be serviced regularly by mechanics who understand the various computers that run them. Some automatic transmissions can have up to three computers inside them just to run all the various parts! It’s important not to wait too long to have them checked, as something as simple as lack of lubrication can cause failure.

Lack of fluid is a bad thing, but dirty fluid can be equally bad. Dirty transmission fluid keeps the lubricant from freely flowing where it needs to so that the parts don’t wear out before they should. Unfortunately, we see this far too often at Castrol Express Car Service.

Since repairing transmission or replacing your transmission is quite costly, we want to spare you of that headache! Be sure to check the owner’s manual of your car for a schedule of how often to have your transmission serviced. It will tell you when the fluid should be changed, the type of fluid that should be used, etc. If you have any questions, we can answer them for you! We want to keep you safe while driving in Red Oak. Your transmission is too important to overlook!

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