Step-By-Step Guide for Jumping Dead Car Batteries

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Jumping A Car Battery

Red Oak and Ellis County roadside assistance programs are a wonderful convenience for drivers of all ages. Perhaps your teen driver can benefit the most from them. It certainly would give mom and dad a lot less worry! Whether it’s a dead battery, overheated engine, or simply being out of gas, there’s nothing like having a real person show up and help in a time of need. When it comes to car batteries, it’s probably the most common call Red Oak roadside assistance companies get. But did you know you can charge the battery yourself without having to call in one of these services? All you need is another vehicle that is working and a few items to help get the job done.

Every driver in Red Oak, Waxahachie, and Ellis County should carry an emergency kit. You should also have a roadside assistance kit that includes items such as jumper cables, jacks, flares, working cell phone, blankets, etc. These can all be easily purchased most anywhere or you can buy the items and make the kit yourself. Now that you know what to pack in your kit, let’s look at how to jump a dead battery.

Car Batteries

While it may vary according to the make and model of your car, most car batteries will easily last three to five years when they are properly cared for. All car batteries have fluid that keeps them going and once that fluid is dry, the battery will fail. Car batteries in Red Oak can also die for a few other reasons, such as extreme hot or cold, excessive miles driven or draining the battery from leaving lights turned on. You may also find a dead battery if the vehicle has not been started or driven for extended periods of time. While some of these things may require you to replace your battery, most of the time you can simply jump a dead battery and be on your way.

A Quick How-To for Jumping Dead Car Batteries

  1. Park the working car close enough to your car so that the jumper cable can extend to both batteries.
  2. Make sure both cars are turned off. Take the keys out of the ignition.
  3. Pop the hood on both cars and find the battery.
  4. Attach the jumper cable’s positive and negative clamps to the corresponding clamps on each battery. If you aren’t sure which is which, refer to your owner’s manual for your vehicle. Typically, the positive clamp is red while the negative clamp is black or not colored at all.
  5. After you ensure the clamps are securely fastened to both batteries, make certain that the cables are not touching any other parts of the engine.
  6. Start the working vehicle and allow it to run for a few minutes.
  7. Try starting the car with the dead battery. If it turns over quickly, allow it to run and charge for a few minutes while still connected to the other car.
  8. If the car doesn’t start after several tries or more than ten minutes, you will need to call a mechanic or other roadside assistance.
  9. Be sure to turn both cars off before disconnecting the jumper cables. This is extremely important to avoid accidental electrocution!
  10. Close the hood and continue on your way.

For more information about jumping car batteries here in Red Oak, give us a call today or come by! We’re here to here to help.

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