Skidding and Tire Safety

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Tire Safety

Did you know that most truck drivers stop to check their tires after they’ve experienced a big skid on the road? Most people make the mistake of thinking that roads are made to preserve the life of our tires. It’s simply not the case. The road has a lot of elements that will damage your tires and wear them down faster than you realize. Think about it—you have rubber meeting hard asphalt for hours every day.

The tires are always softer than the road, no matter how durable they are. Because the temperature of the road can also create a dangerous problem with skidding, it stands to reason that the tires just can’t avoid being damaged. Even if you have reinforced treads, it’s entirely possible that they could fly off during a high-speed skid. There’s not much left to protect the tire from the surface of the road if that happens.

So how do you protect your tires from being damaged in the event of skidding? Well, the absolute best answer is to do everything possible to keep your car from skidding in the first place. After all, skidding only happens when the tread on the tire fails to grip the road. All it takes is a change of speed or direction and you can easily lose control.

Whether you drive a big truck, mini-van or car, one thing remains the same: If you’ve been skidding a lot with no fault on your end, your tires have most likely lost the tread on them and become dangerous. This is when you should replace the tires and not risk having an accident due to losing control of your vehicle and skidding.

Of course, it can also be possible that you are the type of driver that is a bit rough on your vehicles. If you do a lot of sudden braking or harsh turns, then you need to lighten up your driving style. Not only will this put wear and tear on your car’s tires much faster, it’s also dangerous. We all tend to think that we’re immortal and have total control of our cars when we’re driving. Nobody wants to think of themselves as a “bad driver.” But if you’ve been stopped for speeding more than a couple of times, or if you’ve had to buy new tires more often than is normally recommended, or even if you’ve had any traffic accidents, it warrants the question, “How am I driving?”

If you have any questions about whether your tires are safe to drive on the roads of Red Oak, Waxahachie and Ellis County, please come by Castrol Express Car Service today. Our friendly crew will look at the tread on your tires and give you free advice on when to replace them along with providing other important vehicle maintenance. Remember—nothing is worth more than the safety of your family, so take it easy out there!

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