How Important Is Battery Maintenance?

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Car Battery

Battery maintenance is absolutely crucial when it comes to your car. You can’t go anywhere if the battery isn’t working, so it pays to keep it healthy and in good shape. Obviously, your car won’t run without the battery, but it’s also important to know that your vehicle will last MUCH longer if you take good care of it with battery maintenance. It affects the entire electrical system in your car, which includes the alternator.

Some Battery Maintenance Basics

Sealed batteries came out on the market here in Red Oak several years back. Their drawing card was “little to no maintenance.” This simply isn’t true. You can’t get into it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need any maintenance.

The weather plays a big part in the life and health of your battery. Because of this, you should have your battery inspected in the fall and spring each year. Here are some other things you can do for battery maintenance:

  • Look under the hood and check the battery for rust or corrosion. Batteries that are filthy will not last long and the juice will drain out of them far before it should.
  • If you see corrosion, take a gentle brush and wipe away any loose particles. Residue can affect how effectively electricity travels.
  • Check the cables to see if they are nice and tight
  • Make sure the battery cables themselves don’t have corrosion on them, as this can literally eat through the cable and destroy it.

Finally, bring your car into Castrol Express Car Service 75154 and let us properly inspect your battery. Our technicians know exactly how to perform proper battery maintenance as well as other preventive maintenance and they can save you from a breakdown out on the road. If it’s recommended you replace your battery, don’t delay. It’s much better to have caught it early than be stuck on the side of the road somewhere!

Keeping your ignition and fuel system clean will also extend the battery life in your car. The best thing to do is simply think of battery maintenance as part of the overall checkup when you get your car serviced. You certainly can’t drive your car without a battery, so come on by and let us show you why thousands of other Red Oak drivers trust Castrol Express!

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