The Importance Of Power Steering

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Power Steering

If you’re like most modern Americans, chances are you’ve never driven anything other than an automatic car with great power steering. We tend to take it for granted because we’ve never had to drive a car without it. If you’ve ever had the power steering system fail in your car, you know how tough it is to steer or even make a slight turn in the car!

With power steering, you can usually make a complete turn with one hand and very little effort. When it fails on you, it can seem as though you have to put all your weight into the steering wheel just to make a slight turn. The truth also, is that it can be dangerous when your power steering goes out. If you are used to the ease of turning your car and all of the sudden it goes out, it can be very scary and easily cause an accident. Let’s look at some of the common reasons power steering can fail.

Reasons for Power Steering Failures

Any of the following problems can cause your power steering to fail or even come a lot less dependable. Here are some common causes:

  • Problems with the power steering pump
  • Failure of the steering rack
  • Inadequate power steering fluid
  • Drive belt that has become loose
  • Problems with the hydraulic pipe

Another issue can be defective parts or components. Every power steering system relies on a collection of parts that keep it running smoothly. They must be maintained in order to avoid unexpected failure of the entire system. While this is usually done at regularly scheduled maintenance service intervals, there are times when even the best maintenance won’t prevent a problem that comes from an unknown defective part.

At Castrol Express Car Service, we can inspect your entire power steering system and make sure that it is working properly before a problem occurs! Bring your car by and let us do a power steering inspection and other vehicle maintenance to keep you safe on the roads of Red Oak and Ellis County. Our mechanics are the best in the business and will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your car is performing at its best. Let us give you the experience that comes from integrity and many years of expertise.

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