Does Your Vehicle Drift or Pull? It’s Probably Your Wheel Alignment

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Does Your Vehicle Drift or Pull?

It could be a problem with the Wheel Alignment

Most often the complaint we hear from our customer is the vehicle wants to drift or pull to one side or the other and they must keep holding to the steering wheel and make adjustments as they drive.

The second most common issue is the tires not wearing correctly. The tire wearing on the inside or outside edge rather than even across the tire.

(Q)  How can the alignment be out of adjustment and not cause a pull or drift but it will wear the tires?

(A)  The adjustments are Caster, Camber and Toe. Each one affects the way the tire contacts the road. Caster will cause the tire to wear on its side unless it’s off a lot may not result in a pull. Caster will not wear the tire but just slightly out of adjustment will make the vehicle drift or pull. The number one problem is the Toe adjustment. Toe is the tire turned in or out. Lets say the vehicle has to much “toe in” the tires are pointed inward so as you drive they push against each other this causes a lot of wear with out affecting the way the vehicle drives. Because the tire is not rolling straight ahead as it should this causes the tire wear at a very fast rate.

There is no set time or mileage interval it is my suggestion you should have the alignment checked every 30,000 miles and at each tire rotation ask the service tech to look at the tires for any unusual tire wear. Detected early could extend the tire life and save you hundreds of dollars.

Castrol Express Car Service uses one of the most advanced alignment systems. Watch our 3D Wheel Aligment machine in action!

In the industry able to align the newest car or light duty truck and just about any modified vehicle.

Give us a call we can schedule your Alignment Check Up.

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