Common Car Battery Maintenance Myths

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Car Battery Maintenance Myths

There isn’t anything much more frustrating that trying to get off to work in DFW morning traffic only to discover your car battery is dead. We’ve all had this experience and it’s frustrating. There are two main reasons your car battery fails. The first reason is human error, or doing things like leaving your headlights on, while the second reason has to do with neglecting basic battery maintenance, which causes the battery to die much earlier than it should.

Let’s look at some of the most common urban myths about car batteries in Red Oak, so you can stay knowledgeable. Here we go!

  1. The car battery will lose its charge if you store it on the pavement. This used to be true back when they were stored in wooden boxes, but now that car batteries are sealed tightly in plastic cases, they cannot leak.
  2. Taking your car for a spin will always recharge the battery. This has a little bit of truth, but the real deal is that it would take A LOT of driving at freeway speeds to fully recharge the battery. Relying on a charger is much safer!
  3. Turning on the headlights will warm up the car battery, before you even start the car. While it can be true that a little extra consumption of power can help the warm up the battery, it does nothing to help the car start. If anything, you can eat up that last bit of power that the engine needs to start.
  4. Batteries made from lead-acid have a “memory” that makes them last longer. This is totally untrue. The reason lead-acid car batteries die is poor maintenance or age.
  5. Batteries with high voltage capacity cause damage to the vehicle. This is a big myth. The vehicle only uses what it requires to run, so it doesn’t matter how powerful the battery is.
  6. Polarity can never be changed in the battery once it has been established. The car battery can have reversed polarity once unloaded completely.
  7. Car batteries can be stored for long periods without losing their charge. The truth is a normal discharge rate monthly is around 1-25%.
  8. Starting your car will not be a problem if your battery is defective. This unfortunately is not true. If a weak battery is installed, or is defective, it can affect all other main systems, such as the alternator or voltage regulator. Always make sure you are using the highest quality parts so that the other parts don’t affect how your car starts.

Our main reason is explaining these myths is so you will understand that battery maintenance is important. If a car battery is properly maintained, you will get the most life from it. And your chances of having a surprise dead battery are significantly lower. Simply checking your battery for basic maintenance when you change your oil or do other maintenance tasks will help you get the most out of it.

For more information on maintaining your car battery and other preventive maintenance in Red Oak, Ellis County, and the Dallas Area, give us a call at Castrol today!

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