What To Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

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It’s crazy to think about it, but the computers in our cars have more power than it took to land the lunar module on the moon! We’ve come a long way since 1969! Red Oak drivers might not realize the sheer technology that goes in their cars these days, but it can be pretty impressive. Of course, technology breaks down over time and one of the most common sensors we see on our cars is that blasted check engine light. What do we do about it and what does it mean?

Causes For Check Engine Light

Your check engine light comes on to alert you of several possible issues. The computer will send a special code to the main computer in your car. Once you see that check engine light illuminated, bring your car to Castrol Express Car Service and one of our experts will hook it up to our computer system so we can identify which issue the check engine light is warning you about.

It’s important to note that Red Oak and Ellis County drivers need not become overly worried when the check engine light comes on. It’s not usually alerting you to a critical or dangerous issue, but rather, a problem that can point to issues that could become more major if left unaddressed. Regular vehicle maintenance and preventive maintenance can usually address any problems with your car.

The best plan of action is to bring to Castrol Express right away and let us trouble shoot the sensor and why the light has come on. If your light is flashing on and off, it’s even more important that you bring it in immediately. At the very least, do not tow anything until you know what is happening with the check engine light.

The diagnostic equipment at Castrol Express Car Service can quickly and safely identify why the check engine light has illuminated, along with any other sensors that may be affected. While most of the time there is nothing major to worry about, getting it checked early is the key to preventing a costly repair. We’re here to help you and our experts will only give you honest information that will assist you. Integrity is our number one priority at Castrol Express and that matters most to all Red Oak drivers. We will never take advantage of you by allowing your check engine light become an opportunity to perform unnecessary repairs. That’s why our customers come back again and again. We’re on YOUR side!

Feel free to stop in any time if that pesky check engine light has come on and we’ll help you figure it out!

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