How To Check For Common Causes Of Steering Problems

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How To Check For Common Steering Problems

Steering issues with any car can be problematic and worrisome. The first thing to do is try to recall any event that may have caused it, such as bumping a curb, hitting a hard bump in the road, etc. If you can’t think of anything, there are a few things you could check for.

How To Check For Common Causes Of Steering Problems:

  • Check the tires for any signs of scraping or scrubbing. This happens when they have been run up against a curb too hard.
  • Check for damage to the rims
  • Look for any scuffing around the tire’s edges, both inside and out.
  • Check to see if the wheel weights have come loose or fallen off.
  • When you drive in a straight line, does the steering wheel pull hard to one side?

Most of the time, steering problems are caused by hitting something really hard or scraping up against a curb, etc. If one of the wheels takes a big hit like that, it can affect your steering. For nearly all cases in Red Oak and Ellis County, a simple front end alignment or wheel alignment will correct the problem with steering issues. Perhaps a bent tie rod needs to be replaced, but whatever the case, the cost is seldom more than a couple hundred dollars. Our experts at Castrol Express Car Service can quickly diagnose your problem, perform the needed vehicle maintenance, and get you on your way fast!

Another steering problem can come from cars that have high mileage. In this case, our mechanics can tell right away if there are parts and components that have been worn down and what should be done. Often, these parts should have been replaced along the way at regular service and maintenance intervals. It can be dangerous to ignore doing this and if you’ve had your car serviced at a place that did not check for these issues, you should immediately bring your car to Castrol Express! We will make sure your car is safe and road worthy with every single service.

Some of the steering problems we see due to high mileage might include:

  • Failure of power steering pump
  • Tie rod ends
  • Control arm bushes, both inner and outer
  • Struts that are worn out
  • Wear on the steering box
  • Wear on the pitman arm

In most cases, the parts aren’t all that expensive to replace, but the labor can be a bit more. It’s important for all Red Oak drivers to have your steering components serviced at the recommended intervals to avoid costly repairs.

Even if you’re tempted to do certain jobs like wheel alignments yourself, keep in mind that it is so vitally important to get it right so that you are safe! Castrol Express Car Service mechanics use state-of-the-art technology and lasers to get a perfect alignment every time. Remember, your steering is what keeps you safe on the roads in the Dallas Areas!

For more information on steering problems or alignments, call or come by today!

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