Why Car Inspections Are Important Before Road Trips

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Car Inspection

There’s one thing for sure—drivers here in Red Oak, Waxahachie, Ellis County and the DFW Metroplex LOVE their cars! And they should. After all, you’ve worked hard and spent good money on your vehicle, so it stands to reason you would want to do all you can to take care of it. If you’re leaving on a road trip soon, bring your car to Castrol Express Car Service for one of our most common services: car inspections.

What Do Car Inspections Include?

Let’s face it, we often go on road trips to get away for a few days, see something new, visit friends and family or just to relax. One thing you don’t want is car trouble! Castrol Express Car Service can help ensure that doesn’t happen to you! Here are just a few of the things we will do in our pre-trip car inspections….

  • We will check the tires for signs of wear or uneven tread
  • Align your tires properly so there is no “pull” to one side while you drive
  • Rotate the tires if needed
  • Advise you on replacing your tires if we feel they are not safe for your trip
  • Inspect shocks and struts to make sure you have a smooth ride
  • Inspect the brakes. If the brake pedal is too rigid or mushy, we can help fix it. Your braking system is perhaps your most important feature in your car and you need it working properly!
  • Inspect under the hood for any signs of wear on hoses and belts. Even small cracking in the rubber from these parts can cause a major breakdown if you’re out on the road.
  • Check your engine’s air filter. This is a big one and should not be neglected! Thousands of gallons of air are used for every one gallon of gas used. Do the math, and you’ll see why this is so crucial.
  • Oil change if needed. Keeping your oil changed every 3000 miles is the single best thing you can do to extend the life of your car! None of our car inspections would be complete without making sure the oil has been changed recently enough. It’s better to change it early than wait too long.
  • Check basic mechanics, such as windshield wiper functions, radio, automatic windows and other electronic functions.
  • We’ll check your heating and air conditioner. No one wants to be out on the road in the middle of winter and discover your heater won’t work. Summer can be brutal in a hot car with no AC, so car inspections in Red Oak are crucial!

Think about the terrain you will be traveling. Depending on the type of climate and roads you’ll be driving on, your Castrol Service Advisor can help you make sure your car gets the right kind of inspection for your trip.

Car inspections and preventive maintenance can save Dallas Area drivers a lot of money before leaving on a road trip. Better to be safe, not sorry when it comes to staying safe! Bring your car by for your inspection today. Happy Trails!


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