Advice From Castrol Express Car Service Experts On Buying Used Cars

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One of the main concerns with buying used cars in Red Oak is making sure you got what you paid for. After all, who wants to inherit someone else’s problems? There are many ways to buy fantastic used cars and you shouldn’t shy away from doing so. In this article, we will help you sift through the basics with our favorite advice from the great mechanics at Castrol Express Car Service!

Don’t assume that people sell their used cars for the wrong reasons. Many families need to get a larger vehicle as they have more children, or maybe they just want a newer model even though their current vehicle has little wear and tear. Still others want to trade in so they don’t have to handle the problems that come with an older car. Whatever the case, here are some great tips to help you out before you buy that used car.

  1. Ask for any records that show when and how the car was serviced. If this record exists, you most likely are being from a great owner who took great care in preventative maintenance. This is ALWAYS a good sign! If the car has no records, move on.
  2. Do a once-over inspection yourself. For some, this includes kicking the tires like your dad did. But the main thing is to look closely for signs of uneven tread, or even balding tires. Tires that haven’t been taken care of or changed when they should have been can be a sign that there is an alignment problem, suspension issues or even worn out shocks. Turn the engine on and pay close attention for strange odors or sounds. Take it for a spin and just see how it feels to drive it. Finish up by letting one of the pros here at Castrol Express Car Service do a proper inspection to help address any of the problems or concerns you found. This is especially true for older cars that have less than 40,000 miles on them. We can help you find any developing issues that might cause you to take a second look.
  3. Used cars that were leased can be very tempting because it’s often assumed that are newer cars that have a low number of miles and freshly cleaned at the factory. However, you need to be careful because people who lease vehicles know they will be turning them back in and often do not follow suggested maintenance routines. Always ask for records and bring the car to Castrol Express so we can help you determine the true value of the car.

Finally, don’t turn your back completely on older cars, as they can still have a lot of value for the right owner! If you’re interested in buying older used cars in Red Oak, the best thing you can do is bring it to Castrol Express for an inspection. We have a specialized inspection process just for older used cars and it’s designed to be very thorough and help you as a potential buyer save money or avoid a costly error in judgement. If the seller of the car has a problem with getting this inspection done, you should think twice about purchasing it. Purchasing a report such as CarFax is also a very smart thing to do. It will tell you if the car has ever been damaged or in an accident. Things that sellers often don’t want you to know about.

Buying used cars can be a super smart choice, so do it the right way and start pocketing all that money you’ll save! Once you’ve made your purchase, have a little fun giving it a new life and making it your own “new” car. A great cleaning, wax job, and a good deep clean under the hood will make the car feel brand new again.

For more tips and advice about buying used cars in Red Oak, call us today!

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